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In-House Design, Mold Making, Molding, Assembly & Packaging

Since 1964 our family owned business has maintained the same core principles focused on delivering personalized customer service, satisfaction and quality in the field of custom injection molding and mold manufacturing. Specializing in engineering thermoplastics, we can produce the parts needed to excel in today's competitive environment. At Cavallero Plastics, we are consistently advancing the development of our products and services in order to be in the forefront of breaching technological advances. Our devoted personnel take pride in their work and use a solution-based approach to achieve maximum reliability and satisfaction for our customers.


Above all else,

Cavallero Plastics has put a special emphasis on customer service and satisfaction. It is through this emphasis that we have developed
a reputation that is truly "beyond expectations." We take pride in
accommodating to the specific needs of customers by offering
tailored, results-based products and services.

Cavallero Plastics Inc.

1250 North Street, Pittsfield, MA, 01201
Phone: 413-443-0925
Fax: 413-443-9586